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RoboThink Central Ohio offers fun & exciting Robotics, Engineering & Coding programs where engineers, tinkerers and builders of all ages can explore the exciting world of STEM!


Making stuff is a brilliant life skill! The Maker movement has tapped in to children's desire to create stuff, incorporating technology. Robotics for kids is booming. It's the modern equivalent of knitting circles and sheds at the bottom of the garden. Being able to make things that solve a real world problem, entertain people or just for the joy of making them is a fantastic skill to have. Having robotics as a skill that can be put to useful and creative purposes is fantastic.

Robotics isn't going away - it's the future. Let's make sure that children have the knowledge to ensure a good future for them as individuals and for society as a whole.


Discover STEM!

RoboThink offers a variety of fun and educational STEM programs throughout the year. RoboThink's unique and patented robotics kit with our themed lesson plans fosters budding engineers, scientists and programmers.

After School

Learning doesn't stop after 3PM with RoboThink! Every after school program is filled with fun and educational projects in robotics, coding and engineering. WIth hundreds of unique and engaging lesson plans, kids will never get bored!


Summer and Winter Breaks just became STEM-TASTIC! Half-day and full-day camps are available with each day bursting with robot battles, line-followers and evil robot overlords. Okay, no evil robot overlords but you get the point.


We provide fun and challenging robotics and coding workshops to schools, libraries, park districts, and community centers to get students excited about the exciting world of STEM.

Congressman Bob Dold

"RoboThink teaches students how to think about robotics... to use their hands as well as their minds"


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