How Does It Work?

What's better than building robots? Coding robots! The RoboThink Coding Program teaches K-8 students the principles of programming, the language of the computer. RoboThink developed Ro-Code, a proprietary graphical drag & drop coding platform for students! It's never been easier and more fun to learn code!

Early exposure to coding can have a tremendous impact on your child in the short-term and long-term. Your child will learn important problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Your child will also gain an important 21st century skill that will better equip them to succeed and thrive in a digital world.

RoboThink's proprietary Ro-Code software bypasses a steep learning curve in computer programming by representing line code as graphical objects that students can manipulate. Compare a typical Arduino Robotics Interface to RoboThink's Ro-Code Interface below!





RoboThink makes learning code interactive through the use of our Robotics Kit, Ro-Code Software, and our step-by-step project based workbooks. Students are introduced to a particular coding concept and asked to apply it in a robot build model.

An Innovation in Coding Education Software

Our step by step lesson plans divide up coding concepts into fun and manageable projects.



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